We like bold design, colors that pop, and have an eye for the small details that make our everyday lives a little more precious. We are also aware that there is so much of everything already – too much?

Troppo (Italian: too much, excessive) stands for enjoyable living, bold colors, and a modern aesthetic – rather than too much of everything. Therefore we decided to start with more limited and intentional collections. Our products are about more than just the aesthetic, we believe in choosing wisely for practical, long term use. We select materials and products that will last, so that you will want to take care of and cherish our pieces in your daily life.

We strive to work with sustainable materials and production methods. Accordingly, these working and production methods often lead to higher prices. Producing durable products that are still affordable is very time-consuming. However, in addition to our high quality standards, the accessibility of our label is also key. We are aware that we cannot achieve everything – neither create affordable products with maximum quality nor sell high-quality products for a small price. Nonetheless, our goal will always be to pursue these two ideals and meet somewhere in the middle: between durability and accessibility.